Springs Lodge

By replacing the original Springs Dining Hall, NLOM will create an efficient serving kitchen and a large dining space to accommodate more summer campers and year-round guests.  This facility will be called the Monke Lodge, named after the lead donor, Helen Monke. The new air-conditioned building will feature multi-purpose breakout rooms that support camp activities, as well as retreat/conference group meetings and lodging.  Accessible restroom facilities will also be added.  The new building will give guests a positive first impression of The Springs site and will offer convenient access from adjacent housing.  All of these improvements will result in increased usage and income from The Springs.

The Springs Lodge - $740,000

Estimate includes Architecture, Septic, Demolition, Furnishings, Parking, Signage, Sidewalks, Landscaping/Seeding, Site Prep, etc.

June 2017 Update: Construction has begun on the Monke Lodge. The Mission Builders are working on this building and need volunteers of all skill levels to join them. The Monke Lodge will be ready for us for Summer Camp 2018.