Planned Giving

Club 10:14

Club 10:14 is our heritage society and it is made up of caring people who are helping us fulfill our mission by remembering NLOM in their estate plans. The name Club 10:14 come from Mark 10:14 where Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

NLOM is a partner of Lutheran Planned Giving Services of Nebraska. They provide free and confidential estate planning advice that is focused on your goals for your loved ones in addition to your charitable plans. Check them out at or contact them at 402-342-5728.

Are you WILLing? As a Christian, you are the caretaker of the unique God-given gift of life. You have rejoiced in your talents by being a lifelong steward. The distribution of your estate is the last witness of your faith. You can continue your Christian stewardship by providing for the work of the church long after your life ends. Your will and various life income agreements are just a few ways that you could include Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries in your estate planning.

Your Will
Charitable Gift Annuity
Pooled Income Fund
Charitable Remainder Trust

To include NLOM in your estate, our organization name is Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, Inc. and our EIN is #47-0488319.

For more information about stewardship in your estate planning, contact Jason Gerdes, Director of Development, at 402-944-2544.

Information and free planning services are also available from Lutheran Planned Giving Services at

  • Charitable Gift Annuity

    A Charitable Gift Annuity arrangement with Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries is a gift that will also provide you with a guaranteed annual income for the rest of your life. Upon your death, the remaining portion of the annuity becomes a gift to the Lord's work at NLOM. In essence, your gift keeps on giving even after the end of your life. Go to the ELCA Foundation web site to see details on how a Charitable Gift Annuity can provide for the future of NLOM, generate a life-long income stream for you and give you a substantial tax deduction. The minimum gift annuity amount is $1,000. Call us for current Charitiable Gift Annuity Rates.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

    A Charitable Remainder Trust involves irrevocable gifts placed in trust with the named beneficiary(ies) receiving a fixed income (in the case of an annuity trust) or a variable income (in the case of a unitrust) for life or for a term of years not to exceed 20. Like all charitable gift annuities and the pooled income fund, you avoid tax on capital gains when appreciated assets are placed in trust. Upon termination, the remaining corpus is made available to the mission and work of Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries. The minimum Charitable Remainder Trust gift is $100,000. For more information on the Charitable Remainder Trust go to the ELCA Foundation web site.
  • Pooled Income Fund

    A Pooled Income Fund is somewhat like a mutual fund except that withdrawals cannot be made. Each gift to the pool is assigned units and the value of these units changes with market conditions. Donors receive payments for life and avoid capital gains taxes on gifts of appreciated securities. The amount of payment can increase over time Upon your death, Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries withdraws the units and puts them to work according to the wishes you expressed at the time you made the gift. The minimum Pooled Income Fund gift is $2,500. For detailed information about the Pooled Income Fund, go to the ELCA Foundation web site.
  • Your Will

    Every person, regardless of the other estate planning tools they may have, should prepare a will. If you don't have a will, your state has one for you and, upon your death, the state will distribute your estate according to law. Special needs of your family and your personal wishes will not be taken into consideration nor will the state consider your charitable interests. Everyone who owns property, has investments or savings, has dependents or who wants to gift the church or other charities at death needs a will. A will is flexible. You may change it at any time. If you would like more information about how you can remember NLOM in your will, contact Jason Gerdes at 402-944-2544 or e-mail