Blessings By The Bushel

As farmers prepare their fields for planting, Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries prepares the hearts of young people to receive the seeds of faith. We often have to break through the hard ground of disbelief, work topsoil so that roots will grow deep, weed out the thorns that choke the Good News, and cultivate fertile soil that produces a plentiful harvest.  

The seeds you plant in your field can help the seeds of faith sown in the hearts of our youth. We encourage you to consider donating bushels of corn, soybeans, wheat or other commodities directly to NLOM. While you will likely receive tax advantages for your gift, you will receive a greater blessing by making an eternal investment in the lives of Nebraska’s children and teens. 

Tax Advantage*

Donating Cash Donating Grain
Grain Value $5,000 $5,000
Income to Farmer   $5,000 $0
Federal Income Tax (28%)  $1,400 $0
State Income Tax (7%) $350  $0
Self Employment Social 
Security Tax (15.3%) 
$765  $0
TOTAL DONATION $2,485  $5,000

*For illustration only. Consult your tax advisor for information specific to your situation.

Reasons to Give

Beyond the tax advantages, there are many reasons to make a commodity gift to NLOM. 
•    Invest in the potential and promise of our young people.
•    Support the local community by raising strong, faithful leaders.
•    Develop younger, more enthusiastic members of your congregation.
•    Enable NLOM to reach children and teens through relevant programs.
•    Increase the number of young people who are able to attend camp.

How to Give

  1. Download and fill out the Gift Form and send it to NLOM via e-mail to, fax to 402-944-2544 or mail to 27416 Ranch Rd. Ashland, NE 68003. 
    Blessings by the Bushel Giving Form.pdf
  2. Check the list of participating elevators to make sure yours is on the list, if not contact us and we get one setup.
  3. Transfer the grain into the Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries account at your elevator.
  4. Call us at 402-944-2544 or e-mail to inform us that you have transferred your grain into our account.
  5. NLOM will sell your grain and send you an acknowledgement of your donation.