Application Process

Who Can Apply?

  • Staff must be at least 19 years of age OR one year removed from high school.
  • Staff are hired for the full summer season with few exceptions. 

How Do I Apply?

  • Complete the application online.
  • Select three individuals to serve as references. Do not use family members or peers. List the references on the application. It is your responsibility to contact your references and have them complete the reference form.They can do this online. Follow up to be sure they do this promptly. You will not be hired without references being received.
  • An interview will be arranged. Interviews can be held on your college campus for your convenience, if we are in your area.
  • If for some reason, you decide you are no longer interested in a position with NLOM please notify us so we can withdraw your application.
  • Because forms can be submitted online we recommend you contact NLOM to be sure your forms have been received.

What Comes Next?

  • NLOM will check your references.
  • NLOM will review your public internet spaces (i.e. twitter, facebook, etc...).
  • NLOM will check the Nebraska Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry to confirm there have been no substantiated referrals of child maltreatment and may contact courts and law enforcement agencies to gather necessary information concerning past violations and arrests.
  • If you decide not to accept the position notify NLOM immediately so we can proceed with other applicants.
  • A service agreement, job description, personnel policies, summer schedule and other necessary documentation will be issued following your verbal agreement to accept the position. Signing your Service Agreement means you will be at camp on the designated date and agree to follow the rules, policies and regulations of NLOM.

How Do I Prepare?

  • You will receive a variety of program materials including a staff handbook. Read the materials thoroughly and respond promptly.
  • Volunteer to help at NLOM program events. Check out the upcoming events section of the web site for details.
  • NLOM offers Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR classes during pre-camp training. Other duties will be assigned during training to those already certified. 
  • Tell others about your summer plans and encourage friends to join the fun and adventures of the NLOM Summer Ministry Team 2018.

If you have questions about summer employment with NLOM or about the application process, e-mail Korey Breutzmann at